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rFactor rF_HighVoltage V1.1 DRS & KERS

nueva version drs y kers fsone rfactor

Fsone Ipm ha liberado una nueva versión de su utilidad para rFactor rF HighVoltage DRS and Kers, con muchísimas mejoras y que hacen este addon para rF mucho más estable que versiones anteriores.

rF_HighVoltage is a software which simulates DRS and KERS in rFactor. It supports the current Formula 1 (™) rules concerning DRS and KERS, but also supports the possibility to configure it following own rules.
There are already a few solutions on the market, which are developed around the in-game possibilities. But most of them are strugling when it comes to the point to prevent the user from activating KERS when the batteries are empty, or activating DRS when the car isn’t in the required distance to the competitor in front.
rF_HighVoltage is able to do all of this: 
  • - Enable/Disable DRS globally
  • - DRS disabled within the first 2 laps in a race session
  • - Up to 2 detection points
  • - Up to 4 activation zones
  • - Free usage of DRS in practice, qualyfication and warm-up
  • - Usage of DRS only within the activation zones if the car was within 1 second to the competitor in front at the detection point
  • - Visually switch the rearwing when activating/deactivating DRS (Depending on the used mod)
  • - Enable/Disable KERS globally
  • - Control the strength of the KERS "effect"
  • - Control how long the much extra power is available per lap
  • - "Recharge" the battery when driving over the start/finish line
  • - When the battery is empty, KERS can’t be activated for the rest of the lap
  • - All performance relevant settings are configured using the RFM-file of the mod. That ensures that somebody who accidently modified settings in that file will get a mismatch error when joining a gameserver.
  • - Other settings (like key assignments) are store in a simple configuration file along with the program.
  • - Forces the drivers to use only original ISI software. Patched or cracked rFactor installations will not work with rF_HighVoltage!
rF_HighVoltage was developed by Kikoni from International Pro Modding. and Achim Ennenbach From SimSyncPro.
Achim Ennenbach es el creador of the SimSyncPro, SimSync PRO (abbr. Sync) is a software, which syncronizes a local installation of rFactor®, GTR²®, GTL® and Race 07-Installation (incl. Add-Ons e.g. GTR-Evolution, STCC, etc.) with the game server.
Of cause, rF_HighVoltage has been tested together with the current version of this first class mod, but also with the next version FSOne (which will be released in a few weeks). rF_HighVoltage will be fully integrated in the next FSOne release, but it isn’t limited to this specific modification. Within the last few month rF_HighVoltage has been tested together with different Formula 1 mods.
Be aware that rF_HighVoltage is still in beta status. Even after extensive testing during the last weeks, this software may not work like expected.
We will be not responsible for any damage caused by using this software.
You use it at you own risk!
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Changlog v0.9.2
  • - New: additional Anti-cheat measures
  • - Fixed: UAC support
  • - Fixed: Detection point 2 now working correctly
  • - New: DRS Block zones => define zones on the track where DRS is disabled in all sessions (like Tunnel in Monaco) (see Add2RFM.txt)
  • - New: Min. version to use can now be defined in the rfm file (see Add2RFM.txt)
  • - New: Not updating does not lead to deactivation of the program if the required min. version is already installed
  • - Fixed: If in the zone definitions someone accidently uses a double value (like 675.5), the program now recognizes the first part (e.g. 675) instead of 0 (zero).
  • - New: Log now will be encrypted. Open the log with the rF_ScanReader (see downloads)
  • - New: UDP broadcast of the KERS & DRS status (see support forum for definition)
  • - New: New options screen to configure the used keyboard keys, log and udp options
  • - New: On Vista & Win 7, the program will now ask for permission to update
  • - Several bugfixing
ChangeLog V0.9.2.1 (Autoupdate)
  • - The "Monza bug" has been fixed. 
  • - Fixed an issue with UAC, where rF_HighVoltage crashes when trying to access the registry.
  • - Fixed the "rF_InternalsPlugin.dll not found" bug. A missing backslash was causing this issue. 
  • - Changed startup. rF_HighVoltage MUST now be started before rFactor to avoid several problems with cracked rfactor.exe
NOTE : Use autoupdate to update to latest version.


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