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sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

RaceRoom Racing Experience Disponible Demo Steam

Simbin dandolo todo con Aquila C1

Simbin tiene disponible una prueba gratuita desde Steam para que podamos probar el nuevo simulador de la marca, las imágenes son espectaculares y aunque no paresca un simulador puro y duro es muy ameno y divertido, una pena que en este Demo solo podamos usar el Aquila CR1 con las ayudas activadas ya que solo es el modo amateur, de todas formas así será más accesible a todos.

  • The SimBin interpretation of a skill based Free To Play racing game.
ImmersiDrive™ Physics
  • SimBin’s latest iteration of their award winning physics methodology and technology.
RendR™ graphics engine
  • Dynamic Lighting System, Motion Blur, Physics based Particle system, Light Shafts, improved scalability.
Plug’n Race™
  • Automatically detects and pre-loads the needed profiles and assets for supported peripherals such as wheels and Joy Pads.
Brand New Sound Engine
  • Supporting 7.1 surround sound, multi layered audio playback and enhanced trigger system.
Leaderboard Challenge Teaser Edition
  • What was originally a solo play game mode is now a global real time challenge about being fastest in the world.
Game Navigator™
  • The key to all the action in RaceRoom Racing Experience. From impulse to racing you are only 40 seconds away. Never before has it been faster to strap into your favorite race car.
Descargar RaceRoom Racing Experience desde Steam

Más Info - http://insider.simbin.com/

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