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lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

rFactor Mod HSO 1976 Formula Atlantic 1.00

F1 antiguo y con historia

rFactor Mod 

HSO 1976 Formula Atlantic 1.00

Readme : 

I. Installation :

Extract the content of the archive file in your rFactor root folder.

II. Description :

By 1976 the Formula Atlantic was a well established and world wide spread formula. The biggest championships were in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, but smaller series also existed in South Africa, Ireland or Australia.

The mod contains cars mainly from the 1976 IMSA and CASC Formula Atlantic series (respectively the US and Canadian series). However several cars are from the British and South African series. Many future F1 or Indycar stars drove in Formula Atlantic that year, such as Gilles Villeneuve, James Hunt, Bobby Rahal, Alan Jones, Patrick Tambay and many others.

This mod is some sort of a big upgrade from the original Formula Atlantic mod from David Sabre. It comes with brand new physics for each chassis, lots of new historicaly accurate skins and graphic updates from David Sabre himself.

The Formula Atlantic cars are lightweight single seaters, powered by 1600cc Ford BDA engines, developping between 190 and 210 horsepower. Indeed, many engine tuners had a go at tweaking this engine, with various results. With so little power and weight, a 10 HP difference can make a big difference, and the engine at the back of the car will be almost as important as the chassis itself.

To make things easier, we spread the engine tuners into 3 different power outputs :

210 HP : Hart, Morris, Race Shop, Swindon
200 HP : McCoy, Nicholson, Traylor, Cook, Cosworth
190 HP : BSR, CRW

There are 6 different chassis in the mod. The fastest car is the March 76B, followed by the Chevron B35 and the Lola T450. The Ralt RT1 and Boxer PRA76 are average cars, and the outdated March 75B is the slowest chassis of the mod. But all in all, cars performances remain pretty close, only a March 75B with a 190 HP engine will be really struggling to keep up with the rest of the pack.

All cars are equiped with the same Goodyear tires, coming with 2 compounds, soft and hard. Soft tires should be good for 40-50 of racing but will suffer from heavy wear at that stage, while hard tires will have no problem with a 60-70 minutes race.

III. Thanks, sources and acknowledgments :

Physics : Guillaume Siebert, Alberto Ibanez
Original 3D models and updates : David Sabre
Additional skins : Jason White, Carl Larrad, Guillaume Siebert
Betatesters: Gregoire Goissen, Ben Paulet, Yannick Lampuré, Tiago Malafaya, Martin Audran, Richard Coxon, Vadim Sadoshenko, Jukka Maattanen, Yves Plaçais


lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

rFactor F1 1978 1.0 Released Mod

Mod de F1

rFactor F1 1978 1.0

Dave Sabre and Team


1. If you installed the 1978 F1 demo then remove the folders rFactor/gamedata/vehicles/F1-1978  - rFactor/gamedata/sounds/F1-1978
2. Unpack to your rFactor folder
The links to the recommended tracks to run a 1978 season are shown below. The tracks come from other mods.
To get the best out of this mod you need to run the 1978 season. Example of how to have a 1978 season race at Zolder (Belguim)Select Zolder from the GP1979 tracks. In the vehicle filters only select ROUND-06-BEL
The opponents will be the entrants from the 1978 Belgium Grand Prix only. Select the correct number of ai drivers,
  • ARG Argentina Set AI to 26
  • BRA Brazil set AI to 27
  • SAF South Africa set AI to 29
  • USAW USA West set AI to 28
  • MON Monaco set AI to 29
  • BEL Belgium set AI to 31
  • SPA Spain set AI to 28
  • SWE Sweden set AI to 26
  • FRA France set AI to 28
  • UK Great Britain set AI to 29
  • GER Germany set AI to 29
  • AUT Austria set AI to 30
  • HOL Holland set AI to 31
  • ITA Italy set AI to 30
  • USAE USA East set AI to 25
  • CAN Canada set AI to 27
  • IT78 International Trophy set AI to 17.

sábado, 8 de diciembre de 2012

rFactor F1 RFT 2012 MP Downloads

F1 RFT 2012 Lanzado

rFF1RFT 2012 MP
F1RFT 2012 DRS TrackPack 1
F1 2011 DRS TrackPack 2

DRS and KERS :

For DRS-KERS plugin regardless of the operating system the undermentioned components (which you can find in the F1RFT2012DATA\Utils folder) are necessary:
  • Java V6 (jxpinstall.exe)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86 (vcredist_x86.exe)
  • Windows XP SP3: Net Framework 3.5 (dotNetFx35_setup.exe)
  • Windows 7/Vista: Net Framework 4.0 full (dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe)
KERS’s and DRS’s required settings:
(To display the DRS and the KERS we recommend the rfDynHUD, which is included in the game)

1. Display in rfDynHUD:
  1. Start the „\Plugins\rfdynhud\editor\rfdynhud_editor_launcher.exe” as administrator.
  2. „Tools” menu: „Edit Input Bindings
  3. The „TempBoost” row: same button which will be KERS in the rFactor and The „DRS Action” row: fixed to the keyboard’s „H”-key
  4. File menu: „Save” or „CTRL+S”


2. The DRS’s and KERS’s settings in the rFactor:
  1. "KERS/Temporary Boost" same as in the rfDynHUD.
  2. "Headlight" have to be "H" key.
  3. "DRS/Handbrake" the DRS button. Any button could it be.

After this you could use DRS and KERS in the F1RFT 2011 Final mod.

In the F1 2012 DRS TrackPack 1-2 on every track the beginning of DRS zone is displayed. You could use the DRS in race session after 2 laps completed. If Safetycar is on the track(Full Curse Yellow Flag) then the DRS is disables automaticly and the DRS will be available after 2 laps. I you switched off the DRS than you can't switch back on in the zone again. The DRS and KERS work according to the FIA regulations.
DRS-KERS plugin information:
Szabados Lajos

Web Oficial :  http://maszosz.hu/page.php?3841

domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

rFactor F1 1966 beta mod

F1 simulador 1966

GPL F1 66 rfactor conversion

Original creators GPL mod Paul skingley

F1challenge conversion samAlex

some objects of F1classic mod by Slimjim & chiefwiggum

sounds by wolferl 

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

rFactor F1 2012 Codemaster 1.05 By SandroX

Sandrox mod f1 2012

Actualizacion del nuevo mod de SandroX rFactor F1 2012 v1.05 que corrige algunos fallos conocidos ya por todos y hace a este mod aun más interesante.

Download Mod F1 2012 FULL
Download Patch 1.05

domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

rFactor F1 2012 1.0 SandroX Mod Released !

Sandrox mod

rFactor F1 2012 1.0 

By SandroX Conversion

Web Oficial : http://sandrox.net

rFactor F1 TOTAL 2012 1.00 Released

F1 2012 Redbull

rFactor F1 TOTAL 2012 1.00

This mod is an update for rFactor v1.255.

The installation must be done in this order and not mixed with other mods:

- rFactor v1.255
- MOD F1 TOTAL 2012 (installing in c:\...\rFactor overwriting)

The program is fully compatible with Windows7.

Essential reading notes

This is the only mod for rFactor Formula 1 that meets the FIA regulations, and physics are limited to data provided by different real Drivers, related to the competition during the 2012 season, so the car behavior is unlike other MOD's, this is REAL.

The mod features a control panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe) for general configuration and installation of plugins.

The rfDynHUD plugin is not installed by default, you should install it from the Control Panel (F1 Total Control Panel.exe).

This is a mod designed to drive from the camera of the Cockpit, I encourage you all to try.

Web Oficial : http://www.f1total.es


sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

rFactor Mod Ferrari F1 F2012 By mpad

F2012 Alonso F1

F2012 Alonso F1 3
F2012 Alonso F1 3

rFactor Mod Ferrari F1 F2012 1.00


The model have only lod0
Not for old PC
ISI bmw f1.07 sound
Model by: mpad

domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2012

rFactor Formula One 1969 V1.01 patch and safety car

Mod de formula 1

Mod de formula 1 2

Actualización de este mod rFactor F1 1969 con la inclusión del safety car y muchas mejoras en estos coopers de la época que hacen mucho mejor al primer lanzamiento que tuvo esta modificación para el simulador.

Included in patch:

New Physics: All brand new totally redone by smallblockhero to closely match the cars historically.

New Engine Files: peak power remains the same, the powerband has been modified to be closer to historical.

New Damage Files: your wings and parts will detach easier when in a shunt or hard car to car contact.

Tachometer Fix: tachometer needles will be the correct size when entering a race.

Cosworth Experimental fix, the car will now show up for you to drive with its own class or against others.

Added: Cooper T-86 Maseratit V12 with 3 liveries. 1 real and 2 fictional Player vehicles.

Added: many numerous textures redone by ChiefWiggum

martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012

rFactor F1 2012 Formula Simracing FSR Donwload Info

morritos de formulas 1

Mod rFactor F1 2012 FSR creado para el campeonato ficticio FSR Fantasy League, el mod esta muy currado y con muy buenas físicas, esta para su descarga pública, lo único que pasa es que la manera de bajarlo es mediante gestor de contenidos en rFactor en este caso SimSync Pro.

Instalación -

1. Creamos una instalación nueva de rFactor.
2. Descargamos SimSync Pro aqui
3. Lo ejecutamos para actualizar nuestro rF.
4. En "Show available rFactor Series" podremos ver los mods disponibles para su descarga y instalación en rF.
5. Seleccionamos en este caso Formula SimRacing 2012 series y Start (Pass : 2006) e instalará la ultima versión.

Web Oficial : http://fantasy.formula-simracing.net

sábado, 1 de septiembre de 2012

rFactor F1 1969 Update 1.0

Buen mod para rFactor de estos coches míticos de la F1 temporada 1969, mod que no puede faltar a los que siguen estas carreras históricas.

Descargar rFactor F1 1969 1.0

rFactor F1 TR 2012 v2.0 Mod

Cuarto oscuro de la F1

Cuarto oscuro de la F1

Otro mod rFactor F1 2012, preparado para una liga tiene muy buena pinta, muchas mejoras y modificaciones en esta segunda versión que parece ser la definitiva.

Descargar F1 TR 2012 mod

rFactor F1 2012 Codemaster Mod

Equipo renault 2012

Mod rFactor F1 2012 Codemaster que aunque las texturas son convertidas del F1 2011 (Todavía no ha salido al mercado el F1 2012 original), estamos ante un mod que tiene muy buena pinta, todos los coches que tran la nariz tan famosa vienen perfectamente y a la hora de hablar de físicas tampoco anda nada mal la verdad, añadiendo unos sonidos más que aceptables.

Descargar F1 2012 Codemaster mod

viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

rFactor Mod Rotax Max Challenge 2012 v1.2

Kart en blanco y negro

IT-Trader nos presenta un nuevo mod rFactor Kart Rotax Max Challenge 2012, decir que es un mod con muy buena calidad y las físicas se han cuidado al detalle, en la página oficial podemos encontrar los parámetros del volante y las configuraciones para que la experiencia con este mod sea lo mas real posible.

Descargar Rotax Max 2012 Challenge v1.2
Parámetros para el Volante y demás configuraciones

Web OFicial : http://www.premiersimracing.com

sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

rFactor World Karting 2.10 By Slimjim - MaTi

World Karting rFactor Slimjim

Actualización de uno de los mods referencia en el mundo del karting en rFactor, World Karting by SlimJim ya en su versión 2.10.

Change Log:

World Karting V2.1 Updates...
- used Michael Rossi's physics as a base to get what i wanted...
- all proper weights for each class.
- New kart sounds for the Shifter and Rotax.
- new engine mesh for the Shifter and Rotax.
- new driver and suits..all karts
- new rear hubs that have changable textures in the team folder.
- updated physics

Descargar rFactor World Karting SlimJim 2.10

Descargar Circuitos de Kart

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

rFactor F1 IMT 2012 v2.0

Nuevo version 2.0 IMT rfactor F1
Nuevo version 2.0 IMT rfactor F1 2

Seguimos poniendos al dia en lo que a mod rFactor F1 2012 se refiere esta vez le toca a la flamente segunda versión del mod de IMT F1 2012 v2.0, en la imagen podemos ver como luce el Force "India".

Descargar rFactor F1 IMT 2012 v2.0

Web Oficial : http://imt-moddingteam.do.am/

rFactor F1 2012 RMT MP v0.85 Release

rFactor F1 RMT 2012 mod primera versión

Primera versión del ya conocido por todos grupo de modders para rFactor RMT, en este mod rFactor F1 2012 RMT MP v0.85, mod con muy buenos gráficos que esta aún muy verde pero que apunta maneras para esta presente temporada de F1.

Descargar rFactor F1 2012 RMT MP v0.85
Mirror 1

Team RMT have released there 1st version of there 2012 mod.

Credits :


Release notes :

F1RMT 2012 v0.85 released!
Included high-poly 3d-models, HD skins, all Pirelli tyres, good engine's sound and fantastic FPS-perfomance! I hope you enjoy our work


Alex Gorbunov (aka Vettel)
Nikita Stepanenko (aka Nick9320)
Robert Mardanov (aka z-Roberto)
Anton Vinogradov (aka fast1k)
Dmitry Orlov (aka Orel-Santa)
Artem Gusev (aka Enforcer)

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

rFactor Lotus 49 By SandroX

rFactor Lotus 98T v1.0 By SandroX

rFactor Bac Mono v1.0 By SandroX

Conversion Bac MOMO SandroX rFactor

Espectacular mod de nuevo gracias a SandroX donde podremos disfrutar este cochazo Bac Mono rFactor.

Descargar rFactor BAC Mono v1.0

Web Oficial : http://sandrox.net/

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