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viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

C.A.R.S Nueva Build 160 Aviable

C.A.R.S build 160 disponible

Nueva update para el simulador C.A.R.S que ya van por la 160, mejoras varias como por ejemplo mejores sensaciones el el FFB de los volantes.

  • - Added the notion of ‘fade level’ to BForceEffect, used as a secondary gain control
  • - Added the notion of ‘boost’ to AppInput::cForce. Used to promote one particular force above the others (0 = no boost – no change, 1 = max boost – completely silences all other forces).
  • - cForceSteeringSpring modified to include a ‘lock’ mode where the effect params are switched to emulate a bump-stop when the wheel lock has been exceeded
  • - Removed cForceSteeringLock.
  • Disabled legacy deadzone helpers.
  • Removed ultra shadow option, until it can be properly debugged and reinstated taking into account the shadow changes
  • Added daytime driving lights for X4 and GUMPERT
  • New Loire export
  • Known issue on the Racer cars, driver has been removed for now, also cockpit cam is a bit too close to the dash. "
Web Oficial : http://wmdportal.com/

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Project C.A.R.S. Build 154 Released

Nueva actualizacion CARS 154

Nuevo paquete de mejora para el Project C.A.R.S, que ademas de la nueva Licencia Full que ya se puede adquirir, liberan una nueva versión 154 del desarrollo.

  • Changed Fanatec wheel default from 270 degree range to 900 degree range. This would be a problem if the player did not calibrate the wheel before driving
  • Removed memtrace calls from System Pool header expansion due to deadlock issue until they can be sorted properly
  • Fixed force effect thread crashes by implementing deferred creation/deletion of forces
  • Removed loading code for obsolete tracksglobal pakfile
  • Increased fidelity of replays for player and AI vehicles
  • Aries: Fixed memory leaks in Timings::ExportBestLiveLapData due to incorrect mempool overries
  • Ambient shadow height editing with F1 menu and reduced default to 5cm (from 25cm) to stop overlapping with bodywork
  • Camera / replay updates:
  • Physics tick and pause uses the same sync timer
  • Update camera using new metrics from physics
  • Physics sync timer uses app timer exclusively
  • Deprecated SetPhysicsClock no longer required
  • Detachable components and attached wheels are now regularly updated for AI vehicles
  • Detachable components are updated only once per simulation step.
  • Disabled automatic switch to "photomode" when pressing P – this stops the game pad right trigger from causing the camera to shoot into the ground if you hit P to pause the game
  • Increased number of op user channels from 12 to 13 to avoid crash occuring when changing window focus with certain wheels and recently added deferred effects deletion code
  • Corrected custom livery number for F68
  • Belgian Forest and Bathurst WDF edited and new textures added
  • Formula A: quick fix for offset sidepod collision mesh.
  • New livery for GUMPERTS
  • Increased far clipping dist for all cameras
  • Removed some understeer from the Kart. Increased front grip
  • New Caterham export
  • New California Raceway export"
Web Oficial : http://wmdportal.com/

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Project C.A.R.S New Build 149 Released

Build 149 CARS

Build 149 CARS 2
Build 149 CARS 3

Build 149 CARS 4
Build 149 CARS 5

Nuevo paquete de actulaización para el espectacular Project C.A.R.S Build 149, de nuevo con muchas mejoras y añadidos que están que este nuevo simulador vaya cogiendo forma poco a poco.

Build 149 (10/2/12, Team Member +)
  • Added Loire track
  • Wheel-to-wheel contact effects are now attenuated according to axial distance from wheel center
  • Tyre smoke bug fixes
  • Fix for particles not appearing in mirror (still has draw order badness)
  • Further reduce distance at which particles get culled in cockpit view
  • Code cleanup and remove unnecessary front wheel optimization
  • Revert two previous CLs to speed free camera up again
  • Revised Logitech G25 ffb config (owners must start new profile)
  • Disabling gear wobble again. StephenB reporting it makes some cars sound funny
  • Fixes problem of rapid drop in potential lap time as calculated on the Live Delta hud page
  • T500 FFB tweaks to spring and average weight
  • Added Steering Ratio support for per-vehicle steering locks
  • Changed Aries Car Setup option from Steering Lock to Steering Ratio slider
  • Disable ‘Steering Lock’ slider in the controller UI
  • Added -steeringratio command line switch to enable the ratio code
  • Decision to accept/reject wheel-to-wheel contact is consistent for both affected vehicles
  • Adjusted computation of axial distance of contact from wheel center
  • Wheel detach caused by accumulated forces now depends on random chance specified by tweaker
  • Disabled delayed wheel detach
  • Kart FFB tuning
  • HUD telemetry: fixed incorrect scaling of g-force meter
  • F68: fixed livery names
  • Revised the load sensitivties and some grip balance, Gumpert, Racer 4, SuperKart
  • Adjusted the new FFB paramters to a natural feel. Target is to provide good resistance with progreesive lightening into understeer. All cars done
  • Enabled Formula A mirror in cockpit HUD
  • HUD: mirror changes (wider, adjusted frame)
  • Asano X4: added metallic livery support
  • FFB tyre load multi reduced from 0.5 to 0.3 for Formula B
  • Formula B: added metallic liveries
  • New Loire logo and track maps
  • New Ariel Atom Mugen export
  • New Formula A export
  • New California Raceway export

Web Oficial : http://wmdportal.com/

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

C.A.R.S Formula A Pre-Alpha

Formula A C.A.R.S

Formula A C.A.R.S 2
Formula A C.A.R.S 3

Formula A C.A.R.S 4

Sligthtly Mad Studios esta preparando el lanzamiento de una nueva categoría de coches para su simulador C.A.R.S, los Formula A, basados en las especificaciones de los F1 2011.
De momento no contará con DRS y KERS pero en un futuro próximo se le añadira haciendo cada vez más espectacular este nuevo simulador, también se esperan los lanzamiento de la pista de Silverstone y el Ariel Atom.

Web Oficial : http://www.slightlymadstudios.com/

miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Project CARS New Build 141

Project C.A.R.S build 141

Nueva actualización para el Project C.A.R.S y ya va por la número 141 junto con la 140, más mejoras que van haciendo de este simulador un proyecto sólido y grande, conocido ya por todos su calidad gráfica.

Build 141 (30/1/12, Team Member+)
  • Disable visual steering wheel prediction
  • FFB progressive slip updates for understeer improvements
  • Protect against no vehicle details having been set for player when doing seat adjustments
  • Take direction into account when validating quick race track selection
  • WIP – subtle FFB engine vibration (enabled on Logitech devices for now). New profile required
  • Input Lag updates
  • Added F1 menu item for Render Bridge Interval
  • Legs/fingers micromovement
  • Updated the TRDs to have appropriate “Setup Group” data (Circuits/Karts/Test Track)
  • SuperKart: cockpit display added
  • Seatbelts and face rig added for Driver
  • Ariel Atom: new collisions finished, WIP ambient occlusion
  • Massive update to the UI (see UI Engineering Thread)
  • Corrected maximum opponent count.
  • Decimal places added to Tire Pressure in advance of Steve reducing the number by 100
  • Set quick race grid position to random (may change depending on WMD poll result).
  • Car Setup on main screen swapped over to Options instead
  • Increase grip of drains and astro turf.
  • 1st pass textures Belgian Forest
  • Deleted desktop and start menu Wip Lag shortcuts
  • New Connecticut Hill exports
  • New Belgium Forest export
Build 140 (30/1/12, Senior Manager)
  • Added callbacks to modify setup visual values
  • Remove hardcoded max participant numbers in special effects code
  • Validate quick race menu options when changing track
  • Driver paddle animations, idle finger animations
  • -new 1pv 3pv , in out sets, adjusted with local layers for better manipulation
  • Driver helmet skin cleanup + visor bones added
  • Driver rig export + face rig + seatbelt rig added
  • Moved the starting point for the rolling start for the TT event on Bologna. Player now takes control just before the 90 degree turn before the S/F straight.
  • Allow 32 participants in quick race again
  • Add 1st pass textures for Belgian Forest asset
  • New Bathurst export
  • New Northampton export
  • New Caterham export

Web Oficial : http://wmdportal.com/

sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

C.A.R.S Bac Mono Licencia

Licencia para el project CARS del BAC Mono

Los desarrolladores de este espectacular simulador C.A.R.S ya tienen la licencia del BAC Mono para la inclusión en próximas updates.

El coche viene con tecnología avanzada, inspirado en las carreras aerodinámica, la forma elegante que permite el flujo de aire limpio a los radiadores del coche y del motor. Diseñado para ser tan aerodinámicamente más eficiente posible, el Mono le ofrece los niveles de súper velocidad máxima al tiempo que ofrece precisión en el manejo y la estabilidad de la balanza que complementan los excelentes niveles deagarre mecánico que se ofrecen.

El Mono es impulsado por un 2.3 litros de cuatro cilindros del motor Cosworth -proporciona 280bhp a 7700rpm - que está acoplado a una Hewland F3-spec caja de cambios secuencial de seis velocidades. Con un peso de tan sólo 540kilogramos, el coche acelera desde 0 hasta 60 millas en un alucinante 2,8 segundosalcanzando una velocidad máxima de 170 mph.

En definitiva un gran coche para un gran simulador.

Web Oficial : http://www.wmdportal.com/

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

C.A.R.S Video Trailer By HDTanel Avances 2012

C.A.R.S Trailer en HD avances 2012

Espectacular Trailer para un espectacular simulador C.A.R.S, que aunque en fase de desarrollo no deja de actualizarse por un muy módico precio y que con cada una de estas actualizaciones tampoco nos deja indiferente a nadie y nos sorprende cada vez más por su calidad, el tema online esta muy avanzado y mejora, se esta cociendo algo muy muy bueno con este C.A.R.S.

Además de todo lo que hay para los primeros meses de este año 2012 se prevén muchas mejoras importantes:
  • Night Lighting
  • Dynamic Time/Weather System
  • Tire Deformations
  • Racing School
  • Multiplayer
  • Pit-to-Car Radio
  • and much more…

Web Oficial : http://www.wmdportal.com

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