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domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

rFactor RFE plugin Series 1.00 By ilo & Slowmotion

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Liberado esta serie de plugins que intentan mejorar la experiencia en rFactor lográndolo de una forma espectacular, gran trabajo de de ilo y Slowmotion en el desarrollo de estos addons para nuestro simulador.

"Finally the first public release of RFE Plugin Series is out! After several months developing the most complex project ever done for rFactor, we are proud to share the first version with the simmers' community!

This version has many implementations, compared to the beta that hundreds of people tested in the past few months and we worked very hard on few features just to fulfill the wishes of many people that actively participated in the RFE forums... and this is only the beginning of our adventure.

We do not detail here all the features that RFE Plugin Series offers since this first version, but we like to highlight that both online and offline options are working with variable weather conditions with the inclusion of the wind, looking at the different tires' compounds of the selected car and of the other drivers. You will also notice how the clouds will dynamically darken the scene and much much more... like weather randomized script and, of course, the functionality for both client and server side.

For the specific and detailed information about all the features and for downloading the RFE Plugin Series 1.0 please refer to http://symracing.net/rfeseries/forum and enjoy the new era of simulation!"

Descargar Plugins Series 1.00

Web Oficial :  http://symracing.net/rfeseries/forum


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