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jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

rFactor mod VHR Stockcar 2012 1.90 Corvette Dave

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rFactor mod  VHR Stockcar 2012 1.90

New track terrain files for Daytona, Talladega, Texas, Michigan and Indianapolis.

- Updated VHR's engine cooling characteristics in regards to tape.
- Updated drag ride height in the aero physic's, thus making you suffer speed wise from rising your ride height too high in the front or the rear.
- New SS drafting package, now you can push and gain speeds, drafting speeds are close to the real deal and the high line is alive well.
- Updated cube maps for car models for more realistic looking reflections.
- Updated cockpit side mirror placement and windshield texture.
- Updated track terrain files in regards to dragging friction levels on track surface and walls.
 - Updated sounds for Cup, Nationwide and Camping World truck series.
- Adjust grip values for tires being below temperature and being over or under inflated.
- Updated collision boxes and characteristics.


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